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    The world faces an unprecedented climate crisis requiring urgent and sustained action. One of the most effective ways to tackle this crisis is by transitioning to clean energy sources. In the US, the government has set ambitious goals for clean energy adoption, which presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a clean energy company. However, starting a clean energy company is not easy, and several factors must be considered before taking the plunge. Whitham Group has
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    The renewable or clean energy sector has seen significant growth in recent years. It is because burning fossil fuels to produce electricity is increasingly contributing to climate change. Approximately 75% of greenhouse gas and 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions globally are due to burning fossil fuels. This has increased the need for clean energy production. It refers to electricity generation through more sustainable sources, such as wind or solar power, leading to little or no
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    The sun is a constant source of power and life, providing us warmth and energy daily. As our world becomes increasingly focused on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, it’s no surprise that the solar energy market has seen explosive growth in recent years. But as with any new and rapidly growing industry, challenges and opportunities can also be found in the solar energy industry. In this blog, our renewable energy headhunters dive into the world
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    The Great Attrition has left many industries scrambling to retain talent and find new ones. The renewable energy sector presents a more acute challenge when finding talent with the experience and technical expertise of the required crucial elements. The pressure keeps intensifying since the industry has expanded in the last few years. The huge surge in wind and solar installations requires qualified operation and maintenance workers. Whitham Group is an executive search firm that helps renewable
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    The future of our planet is solar, and there’s no question about it. Almost all energy on earth—whether renewable or non-renewable—comes from the sun. Fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas are products of decomposed organisms from millions of years ago, which ultimately stored sunlight as chemical energy. Even the elements used for nuclear power owe their existence to the cores of stars. If human civilization is to survive and grow, we must learn to
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    If you’re an energy executive, you’re probably of the major talent deficit in the industry. You can’t rely on job search sites to find the top talent in the energy industry. The majority of the workforce has retired, and this has created a significant gap in the talent pool while others have moved onto other career paths. According to the 2022 GETI report, around 75% of professionals in the energy industry have considered changing their
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    The solar energy industry is growing at cosmic rates, and understandably so. Almost all energy on Earth comes from the sun. The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in one hour has more energy than the world consumes in a year. The future of energy is undeniably solar. As a solar energy company, you have limitless potential to grow. However, how you compare to other similar companies in the industry is determined by the people
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    The renewable energy industry is growing faster than ever right now, and it’s projected to do so until it has completely taken over the global energy market! Still, the industry is relatively new, and talent is scarce. The job market is highly competitive, where only the biggest players can consistently hire the most talented individuals. As a renewable energy recruiting firm, Whitham Group has been building relationships in the industry for over 12 years. We
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    Hiring the right executive for your renewable energy firm is trickier than it looks. You need the best recruitment strategies to find the best person for a top-tier role at your organization. Needless to say, energy executive search is a time-consuming and thorough process that requires an energy recruitment agency for the job. Here’s what the process looks like: Client Analysis The first step of a renewable energy executive search is understanding the client’s needs. After all, the executive search

Whitham Group has over 12 years’ experience recruiting in renewable energy. We operate as an expert advisor, not a vendor.


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