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Our team are experts in Executive Search; we have filled the most technical and hard to fill positions. Our vast network will allow us to immediately yield the right candidates for your organization. Since we are a smaller firm, we are strategically nimble and agile, using our top talent to find your top talent. We know the impression of our firm and how we present the opportunity and present your organization is vital to the success of the search.

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Outline of Our Search Process

The Client or Hiring Manager meets with Whitham Group to outline search requirements, timelines, future organizational strategy, and mission, and get an idea of corporate culture.
We will then begin a more thorough analysis of the hiring company, identifying key opportunities for the new executive, and defining a candidate profile that fits into the corporate culture and organizational structure - often this stage includes speaking to the key executives at the hiring organization.
Following this process, Whitham Group will complete a deep analysis of the market and create a compelling executive job profile. Market analysis will outline the competitive environment and influence the type of candidate we will look for. The candidate job description will contain detailed information about the role, responsibilities, and the hiring client, key opportunities presented by the executive job, and outline career and educational requirements.
This stage will include outlining key companies Whitham Group will research for executive talent and documenting all avenues that will be exploited in order to gain access to the top talent in the marketplace. The research tools that form part of the search strategy will include our database, previously conducted market analysis, alternative internet sources and mainly our own vast network and contacts.
The next phase of the process is talent mapping where we identify potential candidates. After we have several potential executives listed, we will begin qualifying the potential targets and identifying whether they are suitable candidates.
Whitham Group will conduct interviews that discuss the specifics of the executive position, and explore the candidates’ background, competencies and interest in the role and identify if the candidate is active or passive. The client will be presented with official submissions of candidates for the position. These will be fully vetted candidates who have a strong interest in the position and meet the qualifications of the role. The first round of submissions is a good time to review what the client liked about the candidates and also allow us to readjust any component of the search or candidate pool if necessary.
Following meetings at the previous stage, the client will work with their Recruiter to narrow the candidate shortlist and choose who will go into second round interviews. At this stage if the Client would like, we can begin thorough reference checks on the top candidates that the Client has interest in hiring.
After a series of interviews and consideration of external references, the client will select their preferred candidate and the process of salary and offer negotiation will commence. Often the Search Consultant/Recruiter may act as a mediator in this process to ensure both parties’ needs are being met, yet it is up to the Client they would prefer to take full control of the offer process.
Finally Whitham Group will assist with the integration (onboarding) of the successful candidate into the workplace - the degree of involvement varies depending on the wishes of the Client and agreements made earlier in the search process.


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