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  • How much is employee turnover really costing you
    EMPLOYEE TURNOVER COMES AT A HIGH COST.  Turnover is inevitable in these times. It is not like the 1960’s where someone expected to be at their job until their pension kicks in. Today turnover is the number one cost for organizations and here are a few examples of not only cost, but morale as well.  Replacing an employee making $100,000 salary can be more than $213,000; over twice their annual salary! The cost of hiring a
  • How to reduce risk when hiring.
    When considering a new vendor, there are certain aspects of risk such as: Execution Risk – The chance the search firm does not perform Financial Risk – The possibility that your return on investment for will be less than expected or required Professional Risk – The chance the decision maker’s judgment will be questioned in the future and affect him or her negatively When we engage with a new client, we assess what your strategies
  • How Do I Conquer Interview Jitters
    Whether this is your first interview in 5 years, or the tenth one this month, interviewing for a new job can give any qualified candidate anxiety. From pre-interview prep, to closing the meeting, here are a few tips that will help reduce your anxiety and help you secure an offer. 1.  Research the Company The internet is a wonderful place filled with many free resources. Now is the time to utilize this tool.  The company you
  • You work how many hours a week
    There was an article on LinkedIn that came out in early December about how Elon Musk works 100-120 hours a week. The comments on that post were pretty brutal and judgmental on how Musk decides to spend his time. Then another article came out by Geoffrey James that stated, “People who do 40 hours a week change the world all the time.” So, how many hours should you work? We cannot put all people in
  • Interview with Carina Whitham THE SUIT Magazine
    Renewable Energy, Sustainable Executives Interview with Carina Whitham- By Travis Taylor Renewable energy is a multi-billion dollar industry. Investment in technologies such as solar power, wind power and hydroelectricity, reached $257 billion in 2011 alone. Rapid growth like that creates a need among companies for top-notch executives focused on renewable energy. This is where Carina Whitham and the Whitham Group come into play. Whitham, founder and President, brought the company together in 2010 after spending

Whitham Group has over 12 years’ experience recruiting in renewable energy. We operate as an expert advisor, not a vendor.


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