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Many companies struggle heavily with recruitment. Whether it’s a lack of applicants, being unable to find competent resources, or having short retention after finding an employee, there is a myriad of problems that companies face. All of these can be fixed with a better recruitment process in place to help companies out. It’s also fairly common to work with third-party resources like executive search firms to grow. Here’s all you need to know:

Work On Your Job Posts and Descriptions

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is writing a generic job description. In 2022, the average applicant is a lot smarter. They don’t just incline towards a higher salary only. A good job description is detailed yet concise, focusing on all those important markers that matter. Instead of creating an ocean of bullet points, figure out what kind of impact you want an individual to make and what their responsibilities are.

If you’re looking for a back-end developer, don’t mention that they should also be proficient in working with front-end technologies. You want to make the whole ordeal easier for your recruitment team, and writing up a clear job description is the first step to achieving that.

Plan It Out

Once you’ve got an open position, it’s necessary that you start considering all of the important details and have a necessary plan for that. Before the listing goes out, the salary should be discussed and approved beforehand. Even if you assign an executive search firm to take care of the hiring process for you, you will have to select a few people from the company to conduct or be involved in the final interview of the candidate.

Similarly, you’ll have to pick someone that will be involved in the onboarding process as well. While companies generally prefer picking one person for the task, it’s smart to have a  few backup candidates in mind in case the person in question leaves the company.

Figure Out What You Need

Whenever you’re looking for a new person to take a position in your company, your goal isn’t to just find someone that ticks boxes on a list of requirements. A business needs to assess itself in its current standing, plans, and needs. For example, instead of looking for someone that’s just a manager, look for an individual that has the kind of experience in the results you’re looking for.

Suppose your goal is to have someone with excellent managerial skills with experience in growing a team for scalability. You’d want to have your job description list that aspect so that you get candidates that have worked on similar ventures in the past. It’s far more effective than just looking for someone with specific skillsets alone.

Use Different Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are being heavily leveraged by companies to connect with their customers. Businesses want to bridge the gap between their customers, so they use branded content to communicate with people. This has led to a flurry of informational content, and loyal followers look out for it regularly. At the same time, it’s also perfect for job listings.

The effectiveness of the platform can vary a lot. While LinkedIn will always be the go-to option, a majority of your potential candidates could be on other platforms too. Many businesses avail Facebook and even TikTok to spread the word about job listings. They’re effective tools that companies should be open to utilizing for their needs.

Improve the Onboarding Process

A major mistake that companies tend to make is investing all of their time in the process of talent acquisition, only to fumble in the onboarding process. If a new employee does not integrate into the environment properly and is not accommodated to have a smooth transition into your working setup, they’re highly likely to depart.

An employee going through onboarding.

Companies often struggle with employee retention, and a major problem is a poor onboarding process. Even if they don’t outright leave, they might not be able to provide the kind of output that’s expected or what they’re capable of. Make sure that the new employee is given a proper orientation, with the right resources made available to them from day one with all their concerns addressed.

Be Patient with Executive Searches

The search process for an ordinary employee compared to an executive-level post is very different. Executives have to declare several months in advance that they’re leaving the company to provide the business with adequate cushion time to find other resources.

A company having an internal discussion.

The truth is that the right resource can be hard to find. Generally, internal HR teams might not have a wide enough network to find the right person for the job. It’s very common for executive search firms to be onboard as they have a more powerful database to help companies find the right individual.


With the right approach, your recruitment process can go through a much-needed overhaul that has major benefits in the long run for the company. With atomic improvements across various steps in the pipeline, it can create a sense of stability and evident improvements in the long run. Not only will you be able to acquire more resources, but you will work with more reliable people that fit your criteria for better retention.

It’s always smart to work with third-party sources on such ventures as they have the necessary resources to help companies scale up and acquire the right personnel for their ranks.

Work With a Recruitment Company

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