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The solar energy industry is growing at cosmic rates, and understandably so. Almost all energy on Earth comes from the sun. The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in one hour has more energy than the world consumes in a year. The future of energy is undeniably solar.

As a solar energy company, you have limitless potential to grow. However, how you compare to other similar companies in the industry is determined by the people you hire. This puts recruitment at the center of your business strategy for survival and growth.

Whitham Group specializes in finding highly suitable candidates for solar energy companies. Our team has been working as renewable energy recruiters for 12 years, and we’ve helped many dust clouds mature to become the stars they are today. We serve well-known companies like Panasonic Eco Solutions as well as small businesses and startups. We’ve also partnered with Tesla Motors for The World Energy Innovation Forum.

Our database of 18,000+ people includes engineers, sales experts, marketers, executives, and other experienced professionals. Here, we discuss some of the departments we can help you fill. We only talk about roles broadly in this article. Please refer to our services page for the complete list of positions.

1- Business Development

The solar energy industry has been evolving fast. Researchers all over the globe are trying to figure out ways to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells and make the technology cheaper and more accessible. Businesses need to keep evolving just to survive. The only way to find your position in the market is to develop yourself into something distinct from others. Companies that capture a good market share today will be the leaders when solar energy reaches scale.

Whitham Group can find experienced and talented individuals to lead your business to success. Our 24-step process filters only the very best from our vast database of candidates. Get in touch to hire VP, Director, and Managers for business development in your company.

2- Marketing Professionals

Marketing is a vital business process in the renewable energy industry that startups often underestimate. It’s not enough to have a good product; you also have to communicate it to the audience in a way that highlights everything superior about it. Marketing will also help you establish trust and authority, ensuring you’re a step ahead of the competition when solar energy is more common.

Marketing is essential even if you’re a B2B business working on innovative solutions for other companies. You need investors to know about your company, and marketing is the only way to reach out to them. You also want to convince investors that your company is doing something truly innovative and useful so they can see profitability in investing in your company. Marketing experts can present facts and figures about your company for maximum impact.

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Solar energy is also a radiating topic for documentaries, YouTube videos, and news websites right now. If your company can catch the media’s attention with good marketing, you’ll get free press across different platforms and channels. This can improve your sales and get more people to invest in your company.

We can help you find marketing executives, brand ambassadors, digital marketers, communications managers, SEO experts, and other professionals. Get in touch and start hiring today!

3- Engineering Team

Engineers are the people who get stuff done. They come up with solutions to your problems and give your products and services value in the market. If your engineers are truly exceptional, they’ll be able to create products that are better than others in meaningful ways and have a place in the market. This can make life easier for your other teams, including business development, marketing, and sales.

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Engineers play an even more critical role in evolving industries as opposed to more static industries such as FMCG. They’re the only ones that give companies a real competitive edge. Decisions from business development executives can’t materialize either if the engineering team isn’t qualified enough.

Unsurprisingly, engineers are highly sought after by solar energy companies, especially those with experience in the renewable energy industry. You won’t find the most talented individuals on job sites either—80% of candidates in our database don’t have resumes online.

Whitham Group can help you find engineers that meet your requirements and are willing to accept your decided salary. The secret is that we find engineers who find your company personally fascinating. They’re not primarily motivated by money to work for you. They will accept the job role even if you can’t match the salary of their other job offers.

We have environmental, hydro, geotechnical, civil, dam, mechanical, and various other types of engineers in our database. Visit our website now and find talent for your company!

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4- C and V-Level Positions

C-level executives are as pivotal in solar energy as in other industries. They make all the big decisions, including how much to invest in different roles and deciding the importance of different processes. C and V-Level officers are responsible for everything in their respective departments except the CEO, who’s responsible for the entire company. In the solar energy industry today, choosing CEO will determine the future of a small business or startup more than anything else.

As renewable energy executive recruiters, we specialize in C and V-Level positions at Whitham Group. We’ve identified talented professionals from across the renewable energy industry for top positions in companies. We use an intricate 26-step recruitment system to find the most suitable employees for you.

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