Top 5 reasons to hire an Executive Recruiter

According to Forbes, the biggest investment every fortune 500 company (and beyond) makes is in its hiring process, particularly for an executive position. As part of their staff-building strategy, many of these successful companies keep an executive recruiter on hand who knows exactly what they need.

You may still be on your way to becoming fortune 500, but your executive hiring choices make just as big an impact on your business and its scalability. For some, the ramifications of a bad hire may be more than you can afford.

Job ads, recruitment forums, or hours spent on LinkedIn aren’t going to help you navigate the perfect combination of experience and skill needed for a highly-qualified senior-level candidate.

Fortunately, that’s our specialty.

Still on the fence on whether the investment’s worth it? Here are 5 reasons to hire an executive recruiter to find the perfect hire for a critical role in your company.

Exclusive Access to Highly-Qualified Candidates

Is your list of referrals leaving you at a dead-end? Hiring an executive recruiter gives you access to a global network of contacts. If you want an executive that ticks off all of the boxes, you may need to access a larger and more refined pool of talent.

Reduce Turnover Rate

Retained executive recruiters don’t consider a hire a success. Whitham Group measures success based on longevity and contribution. Not contingency. We can tell the difference between an impressive resume and long-term potential.

Additionally, a high turnover rate for an executive position is more expensive than replacing other roles, it negatively impacts brand image, and reduces employee moral.

Discretion May Be Required

Executive recruiters solve a unique problem– a need for discretion. Replacing an executive role is often kept under wraps to alleviate workplace secrecy in the event the current position is still filled. Outsourcing recruitment gives you all the control over the hire with none of the office drama.

Hiring For a New Role

If the current position you’re hiring for didn’t previously exist within your business it’s nearly impossible to create a benchmark for reference. A skilled executive recruiter can quickly and easily assess the unique requirements of the role and will tailor the candidate-search accordingly.

Executive Recruiters Protect Business Relationships

Hiring through a third-party prevents potential conflict in the office and amongst your competitors. Swimming through the same pool of talent can be tricky. Executive recruiters are impartial and discreet, making the candidate search much less complex.

Save Time and Money

How much is your time worth? Scouring CVs, making phone calls, and conducting interviews are already set you back thousands of dollars and hours to be spent running a business. If any detail is missed, you run the risk of a wrong hire which will cost you even more time and money.

Executive recruiters efficiently and strategically create a detailed analysis of every qualified candidate without skipping a beat. Consider executive recruiters are the skilled headhunters that many successful companies rely on.

Your executive is a reflection of your business–are you choosing wisely? Contact us today to find out how the Whitham Group can help your business.


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