4 Talent Acquisition Strategies
That Will Save You Millions

You approach every aspect of your successful business with a thoughtful strategy in mind. Why should hiring be any different? Whitham Group is dedicated to tracking down the perfect exec for your team but we’re also dedicated to letting you in on the process. It’s important for us that you discover why our talent acquisition strategies work and how you can move forward in all your hires to create the lucrative long term team your company deserves and requires.

Here are just a few key components the Whitham recruitment experts put to work when identifying the best executive fit for organizations worldwide.

Combine Data & Marketing For Optimized Acquisitioning

The most important piece of data used for acquiring and recruiting executives is the detailed hiring patterns produced by recruitment metrics. Tracking recruitment metrics is essential to as it gives insight into what candidates respond to a variety of marketing strategies. Data can also help determine how long it would take to find, interview, hire, and onboard a candidate depending on the needs of the position.

Narrowing down your search criteria begins at the conception of the job post. How it’s marketed, where it (or if it’s shared publicly), and who has access to it is the first step to efficiently finding a candidate that fits your search description, aligns with your business goals, and fits effortlessly into your organization’s work culture.

Employer Branding

Once you’ve narrowed how to reach your target applicant it’s time to brand your organization as accurately and strategically as possible. 62% of desirable professional candidates across 26 countries ranked employer branding as their deciding factor.

The candidate you want will be in high demand and comparing your company to others. How will you attract the team you want? What does your employer branding say to those looking to commit to your vision? Cultivating an impressive employer brand will set your hiring opportunity apart and attract better talent and long-term employees.

Defining the Candidate Experience

Talent acquisition strategies include viewing the search and recruiting process from the candidate’s perspective. Often the most overlooked tactic, defining the candidate experience is an ideal way to attract elite candidates for executive positions. Your most valuable candidates are going to see the application, interview, and offer process as a direct reflection of what it would be like working for you. It’s meant to be as professional, accommodating, direct, and meaningful as possible.

Business-Goal Alignment

Executives and other critical organization members are leaving their roles more frequently than ever before. This alarming statistic has resulted in the need to take a progressive approach during the interview process. While skills, talents, and experience are still a major part of the process, ensuring that the candidate’s career goals align with your organizational goals helps improve the likelihood of a long-term hire.

This approach also opens up new ways to discover opportunities. For example, we had a client hiring in one country but had a goal to expand the business to South America. In our discovery with an elite candidate, their personal goals were to eventually make their way to South America. The opportunities aligned and the hired executive now runs the South American HQ of the organization.

These are just four of many talent acquisition strategies Whitham Group applies to pair you perfectly with a qualified and dedicated executive. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business build your dream team.


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